Sound Vibration Table Journey – The Sound Vibration Table is a memory foam cushion with built-in sub-woofer speakers.  Specially designed music plays through these speakers, vibrating the body into a relaxed state.  At the same time, the music is being listened to through headphones.  The music has embedded binaural beats, helping the brain go into a relaxed state of conscious.  The overall effect is helping the nervous system drop out of sympathetic (fight or flight) into parasympathetic (rest and digest), producing a deeply relaxed state of being.  The beautiful inspired music takes you on a deep relaxing journey inside the self.

Sound Vibration Table Journey 30 Minutes $40 
5 Session Package $180 
10 Session Package $350


Sound Vibration Table Journey 1 Hour $60 
5 Session Package $275  
10 Session Package $525 

Shamanic Sound Healing – A private session with Corey begins with discussing and addressing the main concerns you wish to work on – together, you will examine energetic patterns and how they relate to life’s issues. The healing session consists of hands on energy healing techniques supported by extremely powerful toning, harmonic overtone frequencies, chants, and melodies Corey channels through his voice.  Corey may also use additional sound healing tools, such as tuning forks, drum, Tibetan bowls, as guided by his intuition.  The sounds go deep into the body, releasing those hard to reach stuck energy patterns, transforming and encouraging you to emerge into your true vibration.  In addition, ancestral wisdom and messages will come through pertinent to the healing situation creating a feeling of not only a sound healing session, but a powerful shamanic journey.  Allow the sound to go deep into the body, releasing those hard to reach stuck energy patterns, transform, and unleash and emerge into your true vibration.

Shamanic Sound Healing 60 Minutes $150 
5 Session Package $650
10 Session Package $1250 

The Complete Sound Experience – This two hour session starts with a Journey on the Sound Vibration Table, followed by the Shamanic Sound Healing session, and is sealed with Corey’s cosmic intuitively improvised piano music.

The Complete Sound Experience 2 Hours $250 
5 Session Package $1100 
10 Session Package $2100  


Packages can be shared with a friend 🙂 Not sure which option is best for you?  Connect with Corey to discuss your individual needs.  Otherwise, you can book now by purchasing your session or block of sessions.