Here is just a sample of the feedback and testimony from those who have experienced the magical experience of Corey’s sacred healings.  To offer your own testimonial, schedule a session or book him for your event, feel free to connect with him at any time.

I have had the privilege of three individual session with Corey since we met in October of 2015.  Each one has been even better than the last and is nothing short of powerful and transformational.  His shamanic work is equally as powerful as any psychedelic experience I’ve had in my lifetime, if not more.  I can literally feel the energy moving through me in profound ways and each time I have been blessed enough to manifest time with him, I have experienced miracles and accelerated shifts in my consciousness and life almost immediately.  I have never met anyone like him and I’m grateful for the unique and powerful being he is choosing to be present with humanity at this time.
– Nikki Starseed Apt

I have experienced many different healing modalities, and sound healing is definitely one of the most powerful tools for releasing negative energy from the body.  Corey is adept at discerning what is needed and gently guiding his clients through the process.
Cindye Sablatura

After major abdominal surgery I had been told that I would be out of work for 6-8 weeks due to the physical nature of my work as a massage therapist. I received one Sound Healing session within the first 24 hours of being released from the hospital and a second about a week later. When I returned to the doctor 3.5 weeks post surgery, she was amazed at my recovery and released me to return to work immediately. As I write this I am not 6 weeks post surgery and have been doing 10+ massages a week and I feel wonderful!
– C.K. van der Smissen, RMT

Corey’s healing session on me was really deep. I’d had a pain in my back on the right side since childhood, stemming from what I believed was an injury in a past-life where I’d been shot by an arrow and died. Through the session, I got the message that I needed to “dress the wound” in this lifetime. Corey’s work on me lifted most of the held energy in that wound space from my spiritual body. It’s barely bothered me since, yet felt like a knife in my back my entire life. He also really helped me to see myself as the Goddess that I am with his mirror therapy. I thoroughly enjoyed all the shamanic healing tools, music, and spiritual chants he used. I highly recommend the experience.
– Mandelyn Reese, The Street Angel. Hollywood, CA